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Ang Dawa, who climbed Mt. Everest for the tenth time, from agriculture to world record


KATHMANDU. climbing Mount Everest is another meaningful achievement in life. For this success, many native and foreign climbers strive throughout their lives.

They make plans many times. They arrive in Nepal with necessary preparations. There are many climbers in Nepal. Who reach the top of Everest every year and set a new record for themselves. The steps of climbers who never get tired even after reaching Everest many times are energetic in themselves.

Aung Dawa Sherpa is such an adventurous and successful character. Born in Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality 1 (year 1984), Sherpa. he was born in a normal family. As he grew up in a village home, he likes hills, settlements and mountain life.

He came to Kathmandu when he was studying in the seventh grade with the intention of entering the tourism sector. The memory of that time still haunts him. “Thankfully, I returned to the village and studied. You feel that you have done well,’ he recounts the past while drinking tea.

Time was running out. We were meeting for the first time at Buddh’s Sherpa kitchen. The life of Ang Pemba Sherpa is a book in itself. which is open. It can be read easily. It was his presentation. I have met with some tourism professionals and climbers. However, Ang Pemba found it different. He had a simple nature, simple lifestyle and many social campaign plans with the dreams of building a village, but there is a somehow delima of the project and its process.

He has successfully climbed Mount Everest for the 10th time. That experience is being collected in itself. The wealth of experience is indescribable. And there are many stories to be revealed during his stay with him. Not only this, he is also a successful personality in the Guinness book of world records.

Today I am going to present some topics in his essence. He has worked in Pottery since he was in class 6. The work and the price at that time was exciting in itself. He remembers, “The journey was fun. The memory of carrying the weight of foreign tourists is still fresh. With the tips and money we get, all the sorrows would have been overcome.’ This is how Ang Dawa entered the tourism sector. He climbed Mount Everest for the first time in 2007 from Tibet.

At that time, foreign tourists had a different taste. Since then he has been climbing Mount Everest every year. He chose a different way in the disaster of earthquake and corona. In 2019, the husband and wife managed to set a world record in the Guinness book by climbing Sagamatha at the same time as a fast couple. Similarly, he received the Tenzing Hillary Award in 2021.

He has done Diploma in Mountaineering in 2016. He is a mountain guide and instructor. He is also a trainer and guide in rock climbing and skika. Mountains climbed by Sherpas He has climbed the world’s highest peak Everest ten times. Lhotse has climbed twice. Manaslu twice, Choyu twice, Makalu once, Ama Dablang 7 times, Mera peak five times, Lo Buche peak 6 times, Ella peak 2 times, Iceland 18 times, Ten peak twice, Ganjing Khang once. Affiliated Organizations He is a member of Lions Club of International. Board member of Nepal Mountain Guide Association, board member of Nepal Mountaineering Association, also affiliated to Everest Summit Association. He has established Khumbu Mountaineering Association for the development and prosperity of the village. He is the president of that organization. In connection with tourism and agriculture, he has brought the Sherpa Land Organic Farming and Research Center into operation. From being a member of the Rotor Club, he is also a lifetime member of the Pema Lamding Monastery.

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