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Karma Gelzen Sherpa who climbed Mt. Everest twice in eight days

Born in Kharikhola, Solu Khambu, Karma Gelzen Sherpa is a famous climber. Born in 2047, he has climbed Mt. Everest for the 7th time. He has a unique record in climbing Mount Everest.

He set a new record by climbing Mount Everest twice between 16-23 May 2019. This was a new experience for Karma as well.

I didn’t think so. In this way, he said that he would reach the top of Everest twice in one week, and one of the guides fell ill. After this, Mel got an opportunity. I remember now. It is a trip to the mountains.
Wherever possible, foreign climbers should be supported.

He climbed Mount Everest for the first time in 2016. It was getting light when we reached the summit of Everest for the first time. Experienced a different world. It is his experience that fatigue, pain and suffering are easily forgotten. He says, “It is easy to say that I will climb Mount Everest.” But summiting is not a common issue. Not only that, guiding foreign tourists is a difficult subject. When there is a journey between life and death, Himal.

He entered the field of tourism from class 8 and started that journey by carrying loads of tourists in the local area. Seeing and getting money in school life was another happy aspect for students.

In this way, Karma Gelzen Sherpa, who set out on a mountain journey, has climbed Amadablong 3 times. Similarly, Lhotse once, Pakistan’s Ketu once, Broad Peak once and Manaslu three times have been successfully climbed.

Due to the inspiration of his father Dorji Sherpa, he became involved in the field of tourism.

The student life was a separate world for him when he went on a trip with the elders of the village and his father as a tourist. Nowadays, mountain climbing is not a compulsion, but a life journey and a job, Karma.

He has experience that Mounted and Sherpa are complementary to each other. There are many dangers when climbing a mountain. When tears come to my eyes, I remember my family.

Pakistan’s Ke Tu is one of the world’s most famous mountains. Being able to climb this mountain is another success. Being able to climb this mountain is another success. Karma has also successfully climbed K2.

It is a tradition for Indian citizens to visit Mansarovar. This area is famous for religious and touristic reasons. He has guided Indian citizens in this area. He says that this trip is a blessing for him.
Karma, who has done Plus Two in the field of education, did his first expedition in 2014 in the Kanchajanjunga area. This was his first opportunity. Looking back at that day now, Karma says, ‘Tourism and tourists are not only a means of promoting the country, but they consider it a milestone for the country’s economic prosperity.

Flag of the US Climbing Association

Climber Sharpa has carried the flag of the US Climbing Association to various mountains. This organization, located in New York, USA, has been helping the climbers of Nepal at various times. Therefore, Karma informed that he was flying the flag of this organization on various mountains through Everest.

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